The Greatest Mystery In The Kingdom Finally Solved!

Want to work in Cambodia? There’s no way around it: You need a work permit. As laid down in the Labour Law, it is strictly forbidden to undertake any kind of employment in the Kingdom without a valid work permit.

ExpatLIFE Cambodia Visas

Who Needs What & How

If you intend on staying in Cambodia long-term, start with an ordinary (E class) visa. At $35, it’s more expensive than a tourist visa, but it can be extended indefinitely.

Find The Perfect Property & How To Get Moved In

Phnom Penh has a plethora of rental options for every taste and budget, from traditional Khmer-style townhouses to luxury apartments complete with rooftop swimming pools.

Stay Safe & Sound With Expert Advice

Expats agree that Phnom Penh is generally a safe place to live. Yet like most other cities, it has perennial problems of petty crime. Robberies are usually opportunistic snatch-and-runs, becoming more frequent in periods leading up to major holidays.

Get Online Or Drop Someone A Line With Our How-To Guide

3G and 4G LTE networks are now well established in Cambodia, with local telecom companies catering to a rapidly expanding market. Coverage and speeds are steadily improving, and with prices dropping there’s never been a better time to get online!