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Daily Convenience Shopping Couldn’t Be Easier

With a champion assortment of shopping establishments, you can fill fridge and pantry from Phnom Penh’s supermarkets and mini marts, plus those little extras at specialist stores.


Super Duper (#21, St.488; Sothearos Blvd; St.57; St.306)
A true expat favourite offering many familiar products from the US and Australia! The staff are super helpful, the isles are wide, and the pricing is very competitive. They have an excellent fresh and frozen selection, cheeses, meats, cereals, and a large varied drinks section.

Chip Mong (Monivong Blvd, corner St.322)
Provides an unrivalled shopping experience through an outstanding service, a classy, modern interior design, and large aisles. They sell high quality, well priced products, many of which with French origins, such as their meat products from the famous La Ferme du Bassac.

Aeon (#132, Sothearos Blvd)
On top of an impressive selection of international dry and pantry items, Aeon stocks fresh local specialties like silk worms and prahok, plus costly imported fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and eggs.

Lucky (Multiple locations)
Reliable for general household shopping, most of Lucky’s products are from around Asia, except the large City Mall branch which has specialist goods from far and wide.  

Thai Hout (Multiple locations)
European products galore! Great cheese baked goods and ice cream from Blue Pumpkin, plus bulk products at whole sale prices like multi packs of milk, crates of beer and 20kg sacks of pet food.

Bayon (#33-34, St.114; St.337)
While Bayon cannot compete with Lucky and Thai Huot on price or consistency of stock,  wider aisles and a more refined atmosphere may make it worth the extra, especially if you are discerning about your cereal.

Pencil superstore (St.208)
An adequate selection of meat products and pantry items like Italian tinned tomatoes can be found, but their fruits and vegetable section and inconsistency of stock disappoints.

Mini Marts

Panda and Smile Mart (Multiple locations)
Owned by the same Australian-owned company, the marts stock a similar range of items at prices very often lower than those around them. Both are great little quick shop options for the daily essentials and some great products you wouldn’t expect.

Circle K (Multiple locations)
US-style outlets with a satisfactory product range. Use your shop to pay household bills, purchase SIM cards and withdraw cash from their ATMs.

Micro Mart (Multiple locations)
Micro Mart carry an OK selection at surprisingly reasonable prices. If you need ready-to-eat sandwiches, average coffee and a powerbank to go, Micro Mart is the one.

Aeon MaxValu Express (Multiple locations)
Although they can’t beat Thai Huot on price, the handful of mini Aeon satellites do offer a wide selection of alcohol, plus baked goods and sushi discounted after 7pm.

Bonjour, Total (Multiple locations)
Find a selection of goods at better prices than other mini marts within a more spacious format, plus seating area and reliable wifi.

Caltex (Multiple locations)
Take advantage of in-store ANZ Royal ATMs, passable coffee and occasional unexpected goodies like diabetic jam.

TELA (Multiple locations)
Larger outlets do the job for stocking up on last minute items- but staff are not the most proficient.

Specialist Stores


Strokesys Meat (#51B, St.444)
Low in profile but high in knowledge, this Australian-run butchers carry Aussie Rump, T-bone steaks, New Zealand lamb and speciality items like biltong.

Le Vôtre (#9A, St.178)
Offers a wide range of pre-cooked, vacuum packed and frozen culinary dishes, prepared in full compliance with international hygiene standards High quality beef, pork, a selection of sausages, cold cuts and cheeses are also available.

Terrazza Deli (#1C, St.282)
Find your favourite Italian cheeses including home made ricotta, cold cuts, and a vinoteca in-store.

Dan Meat (#36, St.200)
Cambodia’s longest serving meat supplier uses state of the art technology to smoke, cure, ferment and process hand-picked meat products like Bratwursts, Lamb Sausages and prime beef.

The Meat Shop (#9, St.450)
This meat supplier and café take pride in their unsmoked bacon, country style ham, homemade sausages, not to mention other British classics.

Veggy’s (#23, St.240)
Specialising in whole foods and specialities, you will be hard pressed to find truffles, smoked duck breast and Tasmanian salmon elsewhere.

Fresh Produce

Natural Garden (#213, St.63)
Check out the flagship St 63 store for the widest range of chemical-free fresh produce around, plus hard-to-find dried and speciality foods like cacao powder and tempeh.

Green-O Farm (#216CD, St.63)
Boasting a large selection of locally-grown chemical-free produce and “safe imported vegetables, GOF also offer home delivery.

Amarak (#219D, St.63)
The sales end of chemical-free Amarak farm, the store sells obscure local products, from Pursat wild grape wine to Cambodian mango jam, plus organic meats and ready-to-eat salads.

Happy Farm (#1B, St.137; #18A, Northbridge St., Sen Sok; #170, St.138)
With a wide spread of local botanicals, fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices, Happy Farm also carry fresh fish and seafood items like snakehead fish, Mekong river prawns and rock crab.

Farm To Table (#16, St.360)
Supplied by certified-organic Discovery Farms, product selection is narrow and prices high but worth it for the personal touch and veg boxes, plus reusable straws and potted herbs for purchase.

Wine and spirits

Red Apron by Celliers d’Asie (#15-17, St.240)
Everyday and hard-to-find wines galore with over 300 bottles, plus sherries, Ports, dessert wines, digestives and spirits. Catch a sale if you can – the prices are to die for!

Providore (#67, Sothearos Blvd)
Deli turned wine supplier, Providore have a wonderful and diverse selection of wines for you to enjoy, and also host regular and insightful degustation events.

Booloom (#18E0, St.123; St.63)
A lifesaver if you’re in need of wine in the BKK or TTP neighbourhood, particularly French, Spanish, Italian, Chilean and Argentinan labels.

Little John’s (#415, Sisowath Quay)
It may not look much from the outside but step in and you’ll find one of the widest ranges of liquor in town, especially whiskey, rum, gin and wine, for a reasonable price.

The Warehouse (St.240)
Home to 800+ wines from every major wine-growing region on the planet, owners are scrupulous about selection and quality control to ensure drinkers can enjoy wine as it was intended.

At time of writing (December, 2018) all information was correct, but may have changed since. If there’s something you read here which you feel is incorrect or requires updating, please let us know.

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