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Since 2013, ARTillery has set its sights on becoming an ideal art gallery and creative cafe focusing on healthy living and eating. This popular establishment frequently hosts a wide variety of programs including community art projects, cooking classes, and wellness and detox events. The restaurant’s plant-based, lifestyle-focused menu brings together the knowledge of vegetarian, vegan and raw food into quirky and satisfying dishes. The recipes incorporate nutrient-dense ‘superfoods’ and stay true to their focus on organic, local ingredients whenever possible. With the belief in offering a wide range of options to its customers, in nourishing and creative ways, all dishes are customisable to fit many different dietary needs and cravings. ARTillery constantly aspires to reduce their impact on the environment by buying locally, reducing plastic uses, composting and recycling all their waste, and training their team about what they can each do to keep Cambodia – and the planet – clean.

#82E0, St.244 | Tel: 078 985 530

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