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La Volpaia

Set in a French colonial style building with several beautiful oil paintings adorning the walls, La Volpaia is a great place for special occasion dining, especially on Friday and Saturday evenings when you can enjoy exquisite Italian food just a stone’s throw away from the grand Central Post Office building. Each dish is beautifully constructed with the finest ingredients. Of particular note are Beef Carpaccio, paper-thin tender slices of rare beef fillet with a delicious dressing and fresh herbs and salad, and Peppercorn Steak, the crusted steak with cracked black peppercorns serving with a sauce with cognac and cream or demi-glace. The pasta dishes distinguish themselves thanks to the creative recipe from highly talented Italian chef, Mr. Carmine Cozzolino, who is the owner of the original La Volpaia in Tokyo, Japan. The restaurant is comprised of a large dining area, perfect for groups of family and friends to enjoy their parties or special gatherings.

#20-22, St.13 | Tel: 023 992 739

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